The cost of complacency

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One of the major factors that consumers / clients are facing lately is a rise in complacency. The dictionary states that Complacency is: a feeling of quite pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation or condition. This unfortunately is what…

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Be The Reason For CHOICE not Change!

Free Choice Is Not What It Seems

We are constantly told that the customer has one thing more than ever before.. CHOICE, but why is it that a lot of businesses are ignoring the signs and still treating their current and potential customers with contempt? It seems these days that there is a mentality of “burn and churn” with a lot of…

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Exit Pop

“We appreciate your feedback as your views are very important to us and we take them seriously. All feedback will be passed on to the relevant departments to be discussed.” WHAT A LOAD OF HOGWASH! Today it appears the customer seems to be getting in the way of how a business would like to do…

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The Rise of Pseudo Service

Pseudo Customer Service

There seems to be a rising trend not only here in Australia but around many countries mainly within larger organisations. That trend is the rise of “Pseudo Service”. What is Pseudo Service? Simply put, it’s the art of getting customers to think that you care about them and you add “service” but in reality, they…

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Lip Service

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  “We care about our customers” “Our customers are the reason we are in business” “Nothing is too hard for us” “Our customers come first” “If there is anything we can do for you.. just ask” Blah, blah, blah! Gone are the days where a fancy and catchy slogan will ensure you will get away…

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What You Water…Grows!

3 I For Spiritual Growth Letting The Sacred Seed Grow

Recently I was contacted to arrange a time to have a meeting with the Head Office of a Retail Chain. They were wanting to talk to me about how we could provide sales training for their frontline managers. The meeting went well, and we arranged all the necessary times for the training. At the end…

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Act like an owner, think like a customer

For those that know me, and for those reading this that have had me come and do customer service training within their business, will understand that I am passionate about teaching proper, real and old school customer service principals to staff. This is one area of business that sadly gets left to the side or…

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Perception is fact!

As business owners we can tend to fall into a big trap when we assume our customers will accept our word that our service is excellent and better than every body else’s. The whole area of brand perception really needs to be understood better these days. You see just because you say it doesn’t mean…

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Hidden in plain sight

My stress relief these days is easy. Take the Harley out for a ride. Recently my wife and I, along with some friends, decided to make a day of it and organised a ride down to the harbour in Sydney to have a lazy lunch. As part of the process I had to set up…

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