Customer Service Training Packages

Our training packages are run in person by CEO Justin Herald. All packages are customised to your business and take place at your work place or can be held offsite.

Prefer the flexibility of an online training?
Learn more about our "Customer Culture - Customers First" Program here.

Halfday Web

Half Day Training

  • Throughout the workshop the participants discover how the customer actually thinks and what they expect.
  • Participants will learn how to deal with difficult customers.
  • How to overcome objections.
  • How to use the customer as a sales person.
  • How to change the culture within the department and business.
  • Evolution not Revolution with regards to customer service.
  • Understanding the issues that are present within the current service culture.
  • How to increase per customer sales by implementing the ME Factor system.
  • How to keep customers loyal and stop them shopping around online and potentially losing the customer to your competitors.
Fullday Web

Full Day Training

  • This training package is by far the most popular as it is 100% tailored to your business. We can work with your management  staff to ensure the tailored session is addressing the areas that are known to need attention Your staff then spend the day with Justin and his team learning ways to ensure their customers are getting the best treatment and service possible.This package is full of proven and practical tools and methods that can be easily applied by all staff.
  • As the Business Owner / Management, you will also receive a copy of each attendees specifically designed “Customer Service Personality Test” that each attendee has completed. Now you will have a perfect understanding of where each staff member fits within your company from a customer service perspective (This has proven to be a game changer for businesses that have completed the test).
  • After spending time with the staff members Justin then debriefs the Business owner / management team on the areas that need attention and the tools that will be needed.
  • This package also includes the “Customer Culture – Customers First” Training Manual for each attendee (Valued at $365 p/p) This is a great resource for continued training internally.

Intensive Training

  • If you are committed to making permanent cultural changes within your business from a customer service perspective, then ongoing and consistent training is exactly what is needed.
  • Phantom shopping experience to gain the current customers experience Identify and produce improvements to the customer culture to be implemented throughout the staff sessions.
  • 1 half day training program monthly for 6 months.
  • Post workshop assistance to ensure new customer culture is implemented involving watching and coaching staff as required.
  • A summary of the staff who attended and identify strengths and struggles for future staff training.

Plus each attendee receives a copy of the “Customer Culture – Customers First” Training Manual for each attendee (Valued at $365 p/p) that will be their resource for the entire program.

Bespoke Training Packages

Tailored Customer Service Training

Hands on and face to face customer service training seems to be something of the past these days for businesses. Sure you can do “online training” but that will not have the same effect or outcomes as your staff being taught directly.

Justin is passionate about customer service and due to his history, customer service and customer retention is something he knows a lot about and loves. Without happy and loyal customers, a business will continually struggle to move forward and grow.

Justin created a revolutionary training program called “Customers First” where he teaches and educates staff not only in the “how” to give the customer a great experience, but more importantly “why” it needs to be done properly and constantly. It’s all about creating a Customer Culture that stick in your business.

If you are seriously wanting to increase your sales and bottom line ( I mean who doesn’t… Right?) then contact Us today to see how we can tailor a customer service training course for your staff.

Get Justin To Speak At Your Conference

Justin Herald the Managing Director of Customer Culture is known globally for not only taking a business (Attitude Inc.) from $50 to a multi-million dollar International Licensing success with products sold all over the world, but for also starting other highly successful businesses.

Justin’s expertise in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Customer Culture and Customer Retention is in high demand by companies not only here in Australia but also overseas as well.

If you are looking for a speaker to present to your staff either at a conference of to your staff on site, then Justin would be the best choice. His actual runs on the board make his presentation stand out from others as he doesn’t talk about “theories” he has heard about, it’s actual tried and proven methods.

Check out Justin’s speaking website at